Fearless State Dive Flag Shirt

$ 24.95

We can't get enough of our Colorado dive shirts and neither can you! Our Fearless State dive flag shirt is one of our top selling dive shirts nationwide. You will be easy to pick out at the local diving hole when you wear this Fearless State dive shirt with the large dive flag on the back. Out of all of the Fearless State shirts that we are required to wear as a condition of our employment (haha!), this Fearless State dive shirt is one of my favorites because of it's simplicity and how it boldly shows your love for scuba diving.

As always, this Fearless State scuba dive shirt is available from small to 3XL and is available as a non organic or organic scuba dive flag t-shirt.

Some slight color variations may occur between the organic shirts and non-organic shirts due to the organic coloring process, for example the organic shirt may be a little darker than the same color non-organic shirt or vice versa. Please refer to our size guide to help you find the best fit.