About Us

Fearless State™ was created to give the great citizens of Colorado and California place to pick up great Colorado flag apparel and California flag apparel that is stylish and allows you to show your pride in your state and also the great outdoor activities that you love. Fearless State, Colorado, and California are all about the outdoors so that is the focus of our apparel line.

We are a group of designers based around Colorado but are mostly originally from California. We were simply tired of the worn out antiquated Colorado flag apparel and California flag apparel designs that were floating around the tourist areas.  We wanted a state shirt that WE could wear without looking like tourists... That is how Fearless State was born. Fearless State has been around for several years but our online presence became necessary and was created in 2014. 

We sell all of our Colorado flag apparel and California flag apparel in many color options but most importantly, we give you the option on most of our gear to buy organic. We don't force this on you so there is always a choice.

We love to hear from our fans and loyal customers so please contact us with any questions or concerns or even any activities that you don't see represented on our site! Of course if there is Colorado apparel or California apparel that you think we should have on our site, please let us know!


Thanks for being FEARLESS!

– The Fearless State Team


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